Scott Karem

Scott Karem, Attorney At Law

Scott Karem


Scott Karem has been practicing law in the Commonwealth of Kentucky for over 23 years. He graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 1988 and from the University of Louisville College of Law in 1994. He was admitted to the Kentucky Bar in 1994. He is also admitted to practice in Federal Court in Kentucky.

After law school, Scott started practicing with his father’s firm, Sitlinger, McGlincy, Steiner, Theiler & Karem. After working primarily as a defense attorney for several years he started handling all of the family law work for his firm of which he was a partner in a practice of 8 lawyers. He also started representing people who were injured and needed assistance being compensated for their injuries caused by someone else’s negligence.  

For several years, Scott continued to do defense work, family court work and plaintiff’s personal injury work. He ultimately realized that he enjoyed the family court and plaintiff’s personal injury work much more than the defense work.

Family Court work is a special calling for Scott. His parents were divorced when he was a child and that experience makes him particularly sensitive to the difficulties that parents and their children face as they move through the divorce process. Scott’s parents did their best to keep him out of the divorce process and he has a close relationship with both of them still to this day. Scott understands that if parties to a divorce act in children’s best interests, and make every effort to keep children out of the process, then both parents can maintain a strong, healthy relationship with their children.    

Scott Karem is a member of the Kentucky and Louisville Bar Associations. His practice areas include all aspects of family law, personal injury and estate work.  

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